Making Of / 04 April 2015 and my pilot script “1099”

For the past 2 years, I’ve been developing the pilot screenplay for my sitcom entitled 1099, which is about a self employed videographer. While looking online for screenplay services to critique and review the script, I was surprised how long I had to wait for virtually every review service out there. Most coverage (screenplay lingo for review notes) services make you wait MONTHS and have to pay several hundred dollars to get feedback on your screenplay. I’m fine with the price, however not with waiting a few months, on top of some of these coverage services only offering a 1 page review.

It was in early 2013 I discovered Not only did they claim a 3-4 day turnaround, but it was not even $100. It was BY FAR the cheapest and more importantly QUICKEST turnaround I found online. I’ve used their services twice for 1099. The first time was in the Spring/Early Summer of 2013. The turnaround was quick, 2 days, and I got about 5 pages worth of notes. So I was happy the first time around. Their claims were true, they were indeed the quickest and most affordable screenplay coverage site out there. Skylar, the head honcho, was very quick to respond to questions as well.

On my second draft of the screenplay, I submitted to ScreenPlayCoverage a second time for review in Spring of 2014, about a year later. I actually got a RECOMMEND score on my pilot for 1099 this time around. Only one percent of submissions get that according to YAY!!!! I’m still reworking the script to this day and actually I am hoping to get an online skit series together to put on YouTube to get a better crowd presence and feel for the show.

The notes for the 2nd draft, which got a RECOMMEND score, were also a very quick turnaround, barely 4 days. Amazing when you can’t find a service to do it in four months despite paying three times the cost.

Below are my coverage notes from Both the 2nd draft (listed first) and the 1st draft (listed at the end of the post) are included. If anyone out there is looking for coverage, feel free to peruse what I received and see if it’s a right fit for you. I personally recommend them and will be using them again in the near future.




Below are two videos for a table read of the 2nd draft of my pilot for 1099 courtesy of the Dysfunctional Screenwriters Society, which meets bimonthly for table reads of local Philadelphia screenwriters. Only the first two acts are read.

Here’s the TABLE READING at Dysfunctional Screenwriters Society hosted at PhillyCam this past summer.


And the DISCUSSION/REVIEW after the reading.

And below, as promised, are the first draft notes I received from, which I used to rewrite the much improved second draft.