General / 21 June 2020

VESPOID - ZBrush WIP with TS Wittelsbach Pixologic critique

I caught Pixologic's monthly TS Wittelsbach live stream critique recently and was lucky enough to get a submission picked for critique.  The green grabs below are a few changes I've made since then as I've lowed the shoulders a bit and made the legs more sleeker as opposed to blocky and cylindrical in the video.  I also moved the middle leg for less obstruction and changed the shape of the pelvis that connects to the rear legs.  

Anyone else have any suggestions or notes on the before and afters?  Still working on the mouth piece and would like to extend the wings a bit for more leg clearance.  

Video of the livestream is below.  I have it cued up.

I only have the legs on one side to get a clear view of the torso.

And an outline view for fun.  I may make this into a business card LOL.  

Thanks again,

Gary Hanna