American Heritage

What is the difference between a credit union vs. a traditional bank?

American Heritage explains it all in this video!
American Heritage Federal Credit Union is a credit union with branches all over the greater Philadelphia area. They even have branches in your pocket: they have amazing smart phone technology which can deposit checks using your phone’s camera.

Credit unions have gotten a lot of attention and fanfare after 2008, for obvious reasons. While credit unions are not a new concept, more people are curious about the benefits of using credit unions after the 2008 bail out.

This is American Heritage’s new promo video produced for their front page. The video explains the benefits of American Heritage and credit unions in general. We shot and produced this video over two days. The first day we interviewed CEO Bruce Foulke. Bruce’s extended interview, also used in the promo video, was produced into episodic content by AMHFCU, explaining what a credit union does, topic by topic, for American Heritage’s FAQ page.

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