Hairdini: Procedural Hair Card Kit for Houdini and Substance Designer

The Hairdini Package is a pair of Houdini HDAs and also includes a Substance Designer Procedural Hair material as well. They allow you to input a Houdini Hair Curves object and automatically make hair cards that are auto UV'ed, with Pivot Painter support, and Comb Map data.  

1.  No baking is required, saving you hours.  You can add hair texture via the INCLUDED SUBSTANCE DESIGNER PROCEDURAL HAIR MATERIAL.  

2.  Comb Maps:  Both the Houdini Asset and the Hairdini Substance Material
have comb map data.  Each hair will have its own specular highlight in Unreal Engine.  

3.  Pivot Painter support to ANIMATE your hair.

4.  Style your hair cards within the Houdini HDA.  This saves you the trouble of going back and forth into your Houdini Hair generate nodes...and is faster.

5.  Curve your hair cards along the spline to help conform to the scalp.  No hair card will look like Dreamcast Polygon Hair.

6.  Auto UVs:  You won't have to unwrap or even mess with a UV Layout.  The hair cards take the full 0-1 UV space for maximum resolution AND you get a built in light map as well.  

7.  Texture Atlas support to take care of UV distortion with the click of a slider.  

8.  The INCLUDED SUBSTANCE DESIGNER material, in addition to comb maps, also has procedural EDGE FEATHERING.  You won't have sharp polygon edges at the roots, tips, or sides.  

Overall the whole package includes:

1.  The Hairdini HDA – this creates hair cards from a Houdini Hair system
2.  The Hairdini Helper HDA – this helps create a light map, UVing a texture atlas, and adding Pivot Painter information to your hair cards.
3.  The Hairdini Substance Material  – this goes on your final Hairdini Hair Card wig to make it hairy.

Read the documentation about Hairdini HDA’s for Houdini HERE.

Read the documentation about the Hairdini Substance Material HERE.

Read the Hairdini Shader Unreal Engine Setup Guide, to use Pivot Painter and Comb Maps, HERE. 

Release Notes

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