Olivieri Pasta - Animated Moho Commercial

Anime Studio Pro Animated Commercial

Not every corporate video needs to be live action. Here's an animated commercial with cute characters from Olivieri.
For the most part, video productions need to be local, for obvious reasons. One of the great things about animation is that it can be done for any client, any where. They don’t need to be local to the Philadelphia region for their productions.

Olivieri Pasta, based in Canada, recently held a crowd sourcing contest via Poptent.net for their brand of pastas. Olivieri features a product for every day of the week. Olivieri Pasta had asked for an animation for their video production to promote Ravioli, a female pasta lady to be Monday’s soulmate. Eventually the other days of the week will get their own pasta lady friends too. This is my entry which received an honorable mention.